Cypripedium reginae
 In the last decade, Showy Ladyslippers have risen to the top of our list of spectacular and easy-to-grow perennials. Until recently, gardeners believed that “showies” were nearly impossible to propagate and that their cultivation was best left to the orchid experts. These misconceptions have been thoroughly debunked and we now know that Showy Ladyslippers are among the easiest and most rewarding subjects for the open garden.
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Cypripedium reginae f. albolabium, pure white form of the showy ladyslipper
Old established clumps
   The last twenty years, has seen a major breakthrough in the laboratory propagation of Cypripedium from seed. The problems associated with germinating the dust-like seed have been solved by using the same sterile laboratory techniques used in tissue culture propagation of plants such as Hosta and Rhododendron. In the case of ladyslippers, the plants are not cloned from their own tissues. Instead, the seeds are encouraged to germinate with infusions of essential sugars and hormones.
    The availability of large quantities of vigorous seedlings has allowed us to build up stock in our beds and, over time, has made it possible for us to propagate significant quantities of strong, blooming-size plants by simple division.
        Seedlings require four to five years to reach flowering size and then require another two or three years before they can be divided. After that, a one eye division, planted back in the ground, can be divided in another three years. This is similar to the schedule we use for propagating peonies.
     The plants we sell have one or two strong shoots and generally produce two to four flowers the first year. Sometimes we have smaller and/or larger plants for sale. We divide our plants in the fall and we sell them in pots at the nursery the following year.
Sorry, we are not set up to ship plants at this time.
Showy Ladyslippers for sale at the nursery
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“Showies” in  mid-June
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Late September- senescence
Mid June - Full bloom
Early June -  Fully emerged with flower buds swelling and starting to push
Late May - Emerging shoots
Crowns ready to be divided
Lifting plants out of the propagation beds
 Hosed off and heading to the dividing bench
Rowing out divisions
Large fresh  divisions being set out in the garden
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