Summer and Fall
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Cady’s Falls Nursery
Don & Lela Avery
637 Duhamel Rd.  Morrisville, Vt. 05661
802-888-5559    [email protected]
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Opuntia polyacantha  pink form mid - June
Gentiana ‘Kingfisher’ in October
Gentiana paradoxa in October
Opuntia mid - June
Semprevivum ‘Sir William Lawrence’
Gentiana ‘Dali’
Yucca filamentosa ‘Color  Guard’  in October
Saxifraga urbium ‘Variegata’ this plant
has persisted for 25 years
Dianthus  ‘Sternkissen’
Sempervivum arachnoidium et al.
Cotoneaster cooperii
Sedum sieboldii in October
Cactus and lavender  in July
Rock Garden becoming dominated by dwarf conifers
Rock Garden in July
Pulsatilla vulgaris seed heads in June
Berberis ‘BagatelleA sterile dwarf barberry, can not be sold in Vt
Cyclamen purpurescens  on a north-facing slope
Rock Garden in SpringRock%20Garden%20spring%202015.htmlRock%20Garden%20spring%202015.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
Heather foliage coloring up in July
Calluna ‘Dark Beauty’ in September
Beginning of bloom in August
All the heathers are cultivars of one species, Calluna vulgaris, and they are reliably hardy here only with good snow cover. This means that they need to be sited where the snow will last through the winter months. A few inches of snow makes all the difference when temperatures drop down near zero. We prepare the heather beds with generous amounts of peat moss and we maintain a year-round mulch of white pine needles. We do not fertilize the heather beds. We shear the plants hard every spring before growth initiates. Heather are easily choked out; they can not compete with larger plants. They look great with conifers but, as years go by, the conifers prevail. We have had heathers persist in the garden for 20 years but we have also seen young vigorous  plants die out from lack of snow cover, as witnessed by the brown foliage and empty spaces in the garden below. We lost most of our heathers in the winters of 2012 and 2013 but in 2014 we were pleased to discover dozens of volunteers popping up in the old beds.
Heather, trimmed back in early spring
Adiantum aleuticum ‘Serpentine
Dwarf’ from Newfoundland,
in full sun in the moist rock garden.
Gentiana ‘Blue Diamond’ in October.
Gentiana ‘Eugen’s Allerbester’
Astilbe ‘Avery’s Gore’ blooming shyly in July
Iris variegata in mid-June
Gentiana andrewsii, Closed Bottle Gentian in September
Sempervivum ‘Atroviolaceum’ flowers emerging in late June
Sempervivum ‘Rauhreif’ small flowers late June
Yucca fimamentosa ‘Color Guard’ blooming in July
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